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CALLISTA ITALY NECKLACE - காலிஸ்டா இத்தாலி அட்டிகை

Callista means ‘most beautiful’

            A glorious Italian necklace with a chain design that is twinned along with the physique of a leaf!  It has an open lofty feel and is pooled with an elegant pendant. Don’t you agree with me?  This Italian pendant necklace is fabricated by our professionals in Abiraame Jewellers with 22kt yellow gold, which is pure and crafted in a traditional, high-quality, precise design. Golden clef necklace adorns your neckline on all the occasions, get-together, reception, birthday party, etc…Preferably; this alone decorates your neck on the contrary of many jewels.

            Leaf Italian necklaces are lightweight!  You never feel like the neckpiece hanging around your neck, it’s so airy.  Explaining the visual metaphor of this necklace with leaves – Doesn’t it seem like pretty, spongy, elegant golden leaves layered to form a pretty garland around your neck and decorate your neck line?  It’s truly great, isn’t it?  And the pendant looks as though different shaped feathers are arranged in a winsome row, la?

            Buy this luxurious Italian necklace and gift to your loved ones!  Whisper your love like the dazzling green leaves whisper the secrets of nature to you during spring time.  As trees turn over new leaves, this Italian gold charms turn over your relationship in doing so. Order online @ Abiraame Jewellers and make every day just yours!

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