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Shree Ranjani

White Stone Gold Necklace

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BAISHALI NECKLACE - பைஷாலி அட்டிகை

Baishali means ‘great princess’

            A close gold necklace with floral pendant with a line of white stones arranged in the chain form to bring the liveliness of the traditional attigai.  It’s made in a sleek fashion and makes you fall in love with it and adds on to the beauty of the wearer.  It’s an evergreen South Indian Jewellery that every woman would wish to own.  Best suitable for your Indian outfits.  An authentic popular necklace that will give you the gorgeous, feminish looks.

            Rather than calling it a necklace, we name it attigai in Tamil because it has been existent from the sangam age in Indian culture.  This attigai necklace has an aesthetic and cultural significance attached to it.  Attigai designs are said to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  It is a smart investment that you make in white stone necklace sets as it looks more like diamonds when you wear it to special occasions. 


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