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Dangling Nose Rings

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VAINI NOSE RINGS - வைனி  மூக்குத்தி

Vaini means “sharp”

A non-conventional ear piercing has become quite trendy nowadays.  Everybody wants to get one or the other part of their body pierced.  Especially, nose piercing and wearing fashionable dangling nose rings have become the latest fashion amidst youngsters.  The history of piercing dates back to 5000 years, still it's been the fashion to the young crowd.  Be it nasal spectrum piercing or high nostrils piercing everything is being loved by the latest generation.  


This star nose ring with the star dangling is an excellent accessory to be worn when you have newly pierced your nose.  It is the most attractive and awesome fashion accessory which you will never miss for all your parties, functions and special occasions.  Buy this star shaped nose ring with a star dangling in gold from Abiraame Jewellers and wear it to show that you are the trendsetter.  


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