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Maang Tikka Gold

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VAASINI NETHICHUTTI - வாசிணி நெத்திசுட்டி

Vaasini means “to live somewhere, to be overly ambitious”

            Being the most essential wedding accessory, it is the true style every bride needs to know that this ornament to decorate their hair can now be made out of gold.  Yeah and wedding is not the only occasion you need to wear it also.  You can wear it on any occasion in your home or any party of traditional meetings you attend.  With a proper hook to your hair which you can even secure with some more pins added to it is this maang tikka design in gold.  It is also called as nethichudi, jada billa, hair choti, matha patti, mangpatti, kaan chain or mangtika.

            Gold nethi chutti design is a never miss South Indian bridal jewellery but famous among North Indians too.  It is considered as a sign of harmony in a family when worn by women.  Some also say that wearing a maang tikka covers the centre spot of the forehead which is more prone to hypnotism.  The sindhoor which we keep in the forehead for married women gets covered so beautifully and that is one reason why some other women wear nethichutti. 

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