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Rudraksham Tree

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AVINI RUDRAKSHA TREE - அவினி ருத்ராக்ஷ மரம்

Avini means ‘in Sangam Tamil - that which cannot be separated’

            Rudraksham tree at home - just in a gold chain create a binding of rudraksh tree seeds together tightly and keep it at home to bring positive vibes always and goodness to you.  Did you know that keeping an original rudraksha tree at home is a sign of feng shui healing for illnesses?  Buy the real rudraksh tree online from Abiraame Jewellers.

            Vastu experts suggest that your house is free from evil eyes if you keep a rudraksha plant at home.  Rudraksha ka tree can be placed at the Northeast corner of your home to bring peace and love in all your relationships.  Buy it online from AJS or ping us @ +65 91669909


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