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About us

About Us

Mr Palaniappan, the visionary designer and master entrepreneur has built a sterling reputation as a household jeweller.  He came to Singapore for higher studies from India in 1951. Later he did many odd jobs till he was offered partnership by his employer in the jewellery shop where he worked for 19 years.  Mr. Palaniappan soon earned his name as a prominent jeweller in the famous Tekka bazaar.

In 1968, he formed his own venture Dickson Goldsmiths, specialising in gemstones and later branched out into Gold and Diamond Jewellery with Abiraame Jewellers. Today the entire family of Mr Palaniappan is involved in the jewellery business with him by shouldering various responsibilities.

One of the secrets of Abiraame Jewellers is the ability to build friendly relationships with many families through generations. We always foresee the trends and introduce new designs just in time. Our handpicked fashionable and traditional ethnic jewellerybrings smiles to ladies of any age group!

Just visit our eye-catching gallery to have a look at the gorgeous pieces of jewellery and you will know why ladies choose Abiraame Jewellers. 


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