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Chettinad Silver Brinjal

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DHANYA SILVER BRINJAL - தன்யா வெள்ளி கத்தரிக்காய்

Dhanya means ‘wealth, abundance and gifted’

            Not for cooking but a pretty rich vegetable carved in silver for ritual purposes is this silver brinjal or katharikkai from AJS.  Among all the formalities in the Nagarathar wedding at Chettinad side, vaevu irakkuthal is one of the most important one.  There is a custom which is followed to indicate that wealth is sent along with the bride to the groom’s house in the form of food grains and vegetables normally carried out by her maternal uncle.  Their family is helped by the groom’s maternal uncle. The basket full of food grains and vegetables can be the actual ones or apart from rice the vegetables can be replaced with this silver brinjal too.  

            Those who follow tradition will end up teaching their younger generation also the same to be carried forward as a legacy in future.  This makes more sense to our life than the normal kinds of enjoyments and entertainments we have right?  So buy the best silver items online @ Abiraame Jewellers.


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