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Saraswati Murti

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MAHAMAYA SILVER IDOL – மஹாமாயா வெள்ளி சிலை

Mahamaya means “the one who envelops the universe with illusion”

Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge is believed to bestow the power of learning in the field of art, music and literature to her devotees and is known to be the mother of all vedas.  She sits on a lotus flower holding veena, vedas, a pot of water and string of beads knows as japamala having white swans around her.  These items symbolize various aspects of human – intelligence, learning mind, alertness, happiness and ego.  She is worshipped on her birthday specially – Vasant Panchami.  Her four arms reflect the four vedas of Hinduism like Rigveda, Atharvanaveda, Samveda and Yajurveda. 

When there is a need for knowledge, wisdom and peace to be with us, we have to be positive always.  More than all those materialistic needs, bringing divinity and positive vibes around you is important.  Keeping a Saraswati murti at home brings goodness, knowledge and happiness around you.  In whatever field or profession, you may be in – doctors, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, architect, designer, scientist or designer then keeping this Saraswathi statue in your work place or home will bring all positive spirit and vibes into you and around the place you live in.  You can also buy online and gift Saraswati devi idol to your loved ones to keep in their pooja room, study room, drawing room or office room.  Get ready and order online from Abiraame Jewellers.

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