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Silver Chocolate Box

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JAANAKI SILVER CHOCOLATE BOX - ஜானகி வெள்ளி ரொட்டி மிட்டாய் தட்டு

Jaanaki means ‘goddess sita’

            Do you know that there is a tradition of offering chocolates, biscuits, cookies, candies, sugar and other peculiar items of your choice to the guests when they come to see the new born babies?  Yeah!  They call it ‘roti mittai thattu’ in Tamil, especially in the Chettiar community.  Chettinad people have the habit of visiting the mom and child when there is a new born baby in any family.  They buy fruits, gifts and other items to the babies home while they go there.  In return the mom’s or baby’s home will keep this silver chocolate box with nearly 6 divisions in it where they offer items of their choice to the guests who come.  In case you wish to own one, buy it from AJS along with all other silver pooja items or silver items or chettinad items or wedding silver items here. 

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